Friday, April 11, 2014

A Home Away From Home: McCarthy Arts Center

As a theatre major, a majority of my time is spent in the McCarthy Arts Center. I keep saying if there was one thing that I could change about Saint Mike's, it would be that McCarthy would have dorms! 

A view from the Playhouse when I was a spotlight operator for SHOUT! The Mod Musical
This space has served many purposes in my life at Saint Mike's: theatre classes, Drama Club meetings, Mainstage Shows, Drama Club Shows, and Saint Michael's Playhouse.
The Booth! Where I operate the show as a stage manager.
A look from inside the booth, and my script for calling the show!
This mini-tour shows you into a large chuck of my life at Saint Mike's! Be sure to check out my post on our new renovated seats! Here's the before info, and the after will be updated soon! 

The last night of Godspell is tomorrow, my senior seminar in theatre, and my last Saint Michael's College Mainstage. There will be many feelings tomorrow. I am so lucky to have shared this experience with a wonderful cast and crew!

As always, sending my love, 
Girl's Dressing Room: Prepping for Godspell night #5!

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