Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This semester I'm taking a course in Public History - something that I'm interested in pursuing after graduation. EEP! With this class, we are using some of our time to actually visit museums, homesteads, historical sites, to actually look at the purpose they serve. Tuesday of last week, we made our way over to Shelburne Museum, a short 15-20 minute drive from campus. 

Shelburne Museum is an unique space offered to Vermont. It uses buildings from all over New England, expanding time and space, to display exhibits and items of the time. This was my first visit to the museum, but you can guarantee I'll be back before I leave SMC! 

Due to the season, only the Pizzagalli Center was open. It is the center for art and education on the museum campus, allowing the museum to be open year round. We stopped by to see two exhibits in the center: John Bisbee: New Blooms and Supercool Glass. These exhibits are open until late May-early June so stop by and see them for yourself!
"Pinwheels" by John Bisbee
A awesome piece of work from a local glass artist
who I didn't pick up the name - I want this in my house!
(pretty sure it's this guy)
I love being able to go out and experience any museums and the information they have within the walls. Right now I'm currently applying for jobs all across the board, including art galleries, art and history museums, anywhere! I really want to work in arts administration and seeing pieces like these are so encouraging! 

We'll be going on other field trips too - we just went to Ethan Allen homestead yesterday and checked out what information is necessary to put in an exhibit to demonstrate its point of view. 

I'll be sure to keep you posted on what other adventures we'll be having!
Katelyn :)

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