Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quirks and Perks: Living in Burlington for the Summer

After living in Burlington for the past two summers working for my favorite IT Helpdesk, I decided to apply to a few internships and see where they would lead me. Turns out I would just be moving a building over into the Michael and Margaret McCarthy Arts Center here at Saint Michael's. 

After my theatre internship abroad, I wanted to get an internship in theatre stateside. Luckily Saint Mike's hosts Saint Michael's Playhouse, an Actor's Equity theatre company during the summer. I was accepted with other thespians to work in the box office and in the shop for the summer. While I took a huge paycut, I really wanted the opportunity to gain hands-on experience for potential future employment opportunities. 

I moved into Ryan Hall with my friend Julia, also in Playhouse, and was thrust into what summer stock is. So far we've put up Fiddler on the Roof, closing this Saturday (6/29) and started the processes for Tuesdays With Morrie, our next running show from 7/3-7/13. 

Two pieces of scenery, a well and a counter were made by myself and fellow interns Julia (well) and Lexi (counter). It was difficult at first but definitely super rewarding afterwards!

Luckily for me, this summer just happened to be my 21st birthday! I celebrated on 6/21, my golden birthday, with my boyfriend Jake, best friend KK, and Playhouse friends. Needless to say I enjoyed myself thoroughly! 

 Playhouse has certainly kept me busy, but we also have fun! On our day off, staff and interns put together a putt-putt course where the only requirements were that you couldn't use an actual putter and that you must wear plaid or argyle. I used my vacuum cleaner (was mildly successful) and though I didn't have plaid or argyle, I donned a dress and wore my sunhat! Afterwards, we created a slip-and-slide behind a row of houses to cool off. Definitely a great way to spend a day off!

And now, I am sitting in the box listening to Fruma Sarah singing "Tevye's Nightmare". She's phenomenal! I seriously love this crazy busy physically and mentally challenging summer and can't wait to see what more is in store! 

Sending you well-wishes today, 
Katelyn :)