Thursday, May 30, 2013

Places To Go, People To See

As of tomorrow,  I'll be working at Saint Michael's Playhouse in VT. I've spent the last three weeks in CT and it's been a relaxing change of pace from my hectic schedule. What I feel now is that I don't spend enough time in CT, being around family and friends from home.  The past weekend alone fulfilled a lot of socialization for me and while I think myself to be a social person I've relished in my solitude while I have the opportunity.

While I've been home I've:

- Dyed my hair

- Had a spa date with my friends Brittany and Danielle

- Went shopping with my friend Brianna

- Went to a surprise party for my friend Heather's 21st!

- Witness my godparents' wedding vow renewal for their 25th wedding anniversary!

My mom, brother, and I all dressed up!

The bride and groom with their maid of honor and best man!
My gorgeous godparents just after saying "I do!"

That being said,  I'm really excited to be starting my summer internship, making new friends,  making (meager) wages,  and being in VT for the summer. After spending all of my undergraduate summers at Saint Mike's, I could not imagine a better way to use my time. 

Saint Mike's is one of my favorite places in the world, especially during the summer.  Campus seems to be dormant and yet so much is going on beneath the surface. It's a different feel from the school year,  more relaxed and laid back.  It's what I wish after graduation would be like; hanging out with your friends within a walking radius and having a good time.
I can't wait to be back,  though I'm not looking forward to the hot dorm rooms... luckily McCarthy is air-conditioned!

In other news, I got a new phone! I named it Buzz Lightyear for my love of Disney/Pixar and it's the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and space and all that good stuff. 

Also, I've been avoiding packing but since I leave tomorrow morning, I should probably finish up. 

Until next time in Vermont, 
Katelyn :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning's End

Similar to my post after graduation last year, I shall honor some lovely seniors who have greatly influenced my time at Saint Mike's:

Bev: Oh how I adore you. Your speech at graduation was wonderful. I loved the shout-out to Lightbody (aka I hope he made it to hear it!). I've enjoyed our work shifts together at IT and I will definitely miss you and our online-shopping, whether or not it's worth buying $135 rainboots... Emory and Hotlanta are lucky to have you not matter how in debt you'll be.  I'll be glad to add you to my arsenal should I ever need a lawyer! 

Raquel: I've also enjoy our work shifts together! You say the darndest things with that witty sense of humor. You are a magnificent person and I am honored to know you - especially when you belt out song with that fantastic voice of yours! I can't wait to see where life takes you :)

MUFFIN: Though we lived across the way, our paths rarely crossed. Still, I am glad I got to see you in passing! I wish you well in your endeavors for firefighting - you are such a dedicated and outgoing person and my fingers are crossed for you!

Anthony: I had missed you so immensely after being abroad! I was so glad we had a class together so I could see you on a regular basis. I am honored to be following in your footsteps as Drama Club VP. I was glad to be around my best friend who shares my brain! Just like you put on a show with minimal rehearsals, you will direct your life with full effort, enthusiasm, and class. Can't wait to see you when you come visit Playhouse!

Jake: Thank you for putting up with my insanity this semester, from a late-night trip to the ER to making dinner after I got out of rehearsals. I also enjoyed getting addicted to Doctor Who and Sherlock thanks to you haha. I'm glad that I was around for your final semester at SMC and I'm so proud of you constantly working on your thesis which turned out to be great! You know I love you and I know you can do whatever you set your mind to. I'm glad to be along for the ride :)

For my roommates: Although most of us were just two ships passing in the night, I loved living with all of you! I would do it again in a heartbeat :)

Allyson: I'm so glad you asked me to live with you this semester and reintroducing me to such amazing people! I will certainly miss hearing you singing around the house and the crazy shenanigans that ensued many a night in 403. I expect you to visit before you get a real-life job haha :)

Caitlin: Woohoo names! Our side of the floor was clearly superior - I'm so glad that I got to live with you this semester and get to know you better. It seems like so long ago that we were in class with Rose and Hope; I would've never guessed we'd live together! I already miss the guitar-playing! Mexico is lucky to have you and maybe I'll come visit for Spring Break next year! 

Sam: Finally after Dead Man Walking and student teaching, I'm glad we finally got to hang out! Sitting out on our porch people-watching and enjoying the good weather was one of my favorite parts of the year. I also enjoyed being the communication between you and Cait when one of you was in the kitchen, the other upstairs haha. I miss you all so much! 

Anna: As the only two non-education majors, it was nice to have someone who understands haha. You make me aspire to bake more (especially from scratch!) and everything you made smelled and tasted DELICIOUS! It was also great to have someone else who understands the difficulties of being lactose-intolerant haha. You are also so stylish! Loved all your skirts and dresses :) You're such a great person and I know you'll go on to do fantastic things! I hope you enjoy Colorado!

To TH 304:
Thank you for eating all the extra food/baked goods I brought over and letting me eat your food. Many a night I was glad to overhear some interesting conversations, exclamations over video games or reddit, or discussions off the beer wall or brewery-related excursions haha. 

Thank you SMC Class of 2013. You have impacted my life and made it more than I could imagine. SMC will not be the same without you. 

Sending you all my love and appreciation, 
Katelyn :)

Finals Week: Done with Junior Year!

So I wrote this post on May 6th. It's now May 24th. Just goes to show that life gets a hold of you and you get busy. Being busy is good in my mind but I shall make time to blog again! 
Enjoy the post below and expect further posts in the next few weeks to catch up :) 

So it's a crazy thought to think, but I've finished my junior year at Saint Michael's! The spring semester always seems to go faster than the fall semester. I had two finals on Saturday and I'm just waiting to hear back on grades from two of my classes. 

I've even started packing! I'll be here working Senior Week where seniors have a bunch of fun things planned - it enables me to hang out with my senior friends and go to graduation without having to take a ticket. It really shows me how fast time goes!

Next up for me is going home for a few weeks which will be really nice. It'll give me a chance to relax a bit before coming back to VT to work with Saint Michael's Playhouse for the summer - I'm SUPER EXCITED! We have a really good group of people interning from Saint Mike's and I can't wait to meet other interns from other colleges.  

I can't wait for all these auspicious things to transpire - I'm sure there will be delightful things to share! 

Katelyn :)