Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crunch Time

If you've been following my blog, you will notice how my life has revolved around our Saint Michael's Production of Dead Man Walking. I am writing to you now to say we are finished! Crazy! Of course this is not without some technical difficulties along the way. As a stage manager you must be quick on your feet when things like these come your way. I have learned much about this process in our last week of shows with savings seats, filling in an ASM for an actor, and turning the projector on during the middle of the show (don't worry it was intermission!). 
Encouragement from Sister Helen!

A pretty full house!

All of my hard work with my great ASM team Shelby, Tina, and Lexi has paid off. I've been nominated for stage managing for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival! HOORAY! I am so honored and will make the most of this opportunity!

Congrats to Evyn and Zac, alternates Jordan and Dustin!
In other things, this week is the week of more craziness, only this time it's academic related. I'm finally able to focus on final projects and get these things out of the way!
Academics in the next two weeks:
- Rough Draft for Moliere to Modern Drama - handed in!
- Final Presentation for Deviant Women - presented!
- Final Draft for Moliere to Modern Drama
- Research Project for Stagecrafts
- Response Paper for Deviant Women
- 10-page Paper for Historian's Craft
- Presentation for Historian's Craft

Needless to say I made the smart choice to limit my social media usage. I'm using StayFocusd, an add-on for Google Chrome that will block certain websites from my view: i.e. reddit, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. I'm only 'allowed' 5 minutes a day and while I scramble to read messages and notifications, I know that if it's really important people who need me can get in contact with me. It's very freeing actually. 

So far so good...we'll see how the rest of the week goes! We've got the following events here at SMC:
Thursday - Spring Concert with MACKLEMORE!
Friday - Talent Show
Saturday - PDAY!
My friend Brittany is coming to visit us from Stonehill and I'm super excited! With all the work I've been doing, it'll be great to have a break but also focus on the work...fingers crossed.

Sending you some SMC love, 

Monday, April 15, 2013

So You're Gonna Be a Senior...

This phrase has been coming to mind more and more this week. Let me tell you why:

1. My senior friends are in the library writing theses, planning solo week for Student Teaching, and applying for jobs left and right. 

2. My friend Katie and I went through housing a few weeks ago to get our townhouse for next year. We're in the 200s with our friends Kayley and Taylor and a few doors down from our friends Alex, Marci, Mary, and Megan! I'm so stoked!

3. I ran and was elected as the Drama Club Vice President! AHHHHH! I'm excited for next year and the possibilities and opportunities the Drama Club will have and we have a rockin' E-Board!

4. I've finished going through advising for my Fall Semester Senior Year. WHAT?! I've figured out my classes as follows:
   - History Senior Sem
   - Directing
   - Judaism 
   - Castles and Cathedrals

5. I'll also be doing my Theatre Senior Sem project over the summer for our Fall Mainstage: The Contrast. Updates to follow!

While all of this seems overwhelming, I know that there are some obstacles I've got to hurdle first. Meaning our last run of Dead Man, numerous presentations and projects, and final exams. It will be such a relief when those projects are completed!

Hope you're enjoying your Monday!
Katelyn :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Prelude to Dead Man Walking

If you didn't know, a show called Dead Man Walking has taken over my life since January. I'm currently stage managing the production with three ASMs, over 26 cast members, our wonderful production team, and more! 

We've sponsored a visit from Sister Helen herself. You'll hear more about this later. I'm actually doing a presentation on her for my Deviant Women class. I can't wait to see how it comes out!

Sister Helen and I! I was SUPER STOKED!

There was a faculty panel on the death penalty - featuring professors from the Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Global Studies, and Peace and Justice departments. While I was in class, luckily Saint Mike's recorded it and put it on Tegrity, one of the many awesome things that professors can use to record discussions, classes, and more. I'll be watching it for my presentation. 

Tomorrow we start Tech Week - be prepared for some ranting-type blogs about how things are going, a reflection of my sanity. I've been in McCarthy for the most of the day, prepping for Tech, doing a paper tech with the designers, getting cameras checked out by the local camera shop (thank you Jon's Darkroom!)

If you're going to be in the area for Accepted Students Day (Class of 2017), come check it out! Here's a link to the event!

So far, so good. 
Until next time, 
Katelyn: Stage Manager, Catch-all, and Unsung Hero.