Monday, February 25, 2013

Music Mondays!

Happy Monday! 

While I had a pretty long day (I thought today was Tuesday...), music always helps me to unwind. Thus, I shall be updating my page What I'm Listening To every Monday to help both you and me to get through the week! Be sure to click on the link or page to check out my music selection :)

Let me know what you think! 
Katelyn :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

If It's Broke, Fix It! A Quirks and Perks Post about SMCVT

A Quirks and Perks post about how awesome the Physical Plant workers are! When things go wrong, like your shower is clogged or your lights are flickering, you can make a work order and send it to Physical Plant and they'll come fix it for you!

Over the weekend we awoke to a broken window. YIKES. Luckily a quick call to Public Safety dispatched an officer to come check out the scene.  He set up a work order for us and on Monday we had some guys from Physical Plant come see what they needed to do. By Tuesday we had a new window! 

Through a screen and two panes of glass. CRAZY!
 The great thing about the Physical Plant guys is that they understand it's your home - no matter if you're living in the quad or in a townhouse. They respect your space and want to make you feel at home. I've never had a bad experience with them -they're so efficient!

Follow these steps if you need something fixed:
1. Go on to the SMC website under Current Students --> Student Services --> Physical Plant Work Orders
2. Sign in using your SMC Mikenet Account Information (as well as entering in ways to contact you etc.)
3. Fill out the following areas
4. Enter in the SMC password (redsox) WOOHOO! 
5. And wait to hear from Physical Plant!

I get the e-mail updates and sometimes I go to class and come back and the shower is fixed! They're like magical fairies!

Anywho - mini update! I've decided that I'm going to attempt to blog weekly on THURSDAYS in order to add some more structure to my daily routine. I have good intentions so let's hope this holds up. 

I'm currently sitting in Alliot finishing up my Tour Guide Application (YAY!) and watching the snow flurry outside. Not a bad Thursday if you ask me! 

Hope your Thursday is just as satisfying!
Sending my love to my grandma on her birthday, 
Katelyn :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

What a Week

Happy February everyone! This week has been crazy for me. A synopsis:

  • Monday: Work, Class, terrible stomach pain. Thought I was going to die but slammed my system with meds and I was able to sleep through it. 
  • Tuesday: Woke up feeling fine, soon the stomach pain returned, didn't go to class, slept all day. 
  • Wednesday: Totally fine! Went to work and class, made cookies, had Alex dye my hair!, ran Dessert and the Divine with my friend Merrill (which went great!), had dinner, more stomach pain. 
  • Thursday: A trip to the ER at 2:00 AM. What fun that was! Got an IV to help for nausea and stomach acid and was able to sleep. Felt loads better and finally left at 6:00 AM to go home. Placed on a liquid diet. Twas great. 
  • Friday: I'm feeling great! I have a meeting with one of my professors which I walked to McCarthy to do and now all I want to do is nap because my stomach did not like walking the ~300 feet from my house to McCarthy. Today will be an interesting day. 
Anywho - when you're in a situation like this, MAKE SURE YOUR PROFESSORS KNOW ABOUT IT. It's also good to notify Joan Wry, the Associate Dean of the College. That way you've got all your bases covered when it comes to schoolwork. Luckily for me half of my classes were cancelled this week due to a theatre festival my professor/classmates were traveling to. It also helped because that meant we didn't have rehearsal for Dead Man Walking so I could SLEEP. So much for that. 

Hope your week is going well and that February will be a good month for you! Crazy to think that 2013 is already going by so fast! Speaking of which - what do you think about Groundhog Day? 6 more weeks of winter? or 6 weeks of spring? Vermont's temperatures have been ALL OVER THE PLACE so I'm just hoping for some stability. 

Sending my love to you and yours, 
Katelyn :)