Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So You Want a Summer Internship

So. It's spring semester. You've just started all your classes and now you're starting to fast forward to summer already. Usually that means finding a job, internship, or something to boost your resume to show future employers that you've utilized your time. 

So what do you do now? What are you looking for? A summer internship? That's what I'm doing right now. 

1. I've worked at the SMC IT Helpdesk for the past two summers and while I love it, I want to explore my options with internships. I'm interested in pursuing a job in the technical or administrative aspects of theatre. What I did first was investigate theatres out and about my area. I looked to see if they were offering summer internships and what the process was to apply. 
2. I made a list of all the internships I was interested in at several places and what each application required i.e. letters of recommendation, cover letters, resumes, etc. 
3. E-mail/chat with professors, advisors, bosses, etc. to get letters of recommendation if you need them - always good to have a few in your back pocket in case your future employer asks for a reference!
4. I made an appointment with Career Services. I'm bringing everything I have to work with so that it will utilize my time with my career counselor. 
5. Make any changes to my resume and cover letters before submitting my application. 
6. Finally submit my application! WOOHOO! 

Then the waiting process begins. Hopefully sometime in March I'll have a better idea of what my summer will look like. Fingers crossed that I get an internship - one that pays would be even better!

Congratulations to the growing Class of 2017! Every day I see new members of the Class of 2017 Facebook Page sharing info and connecting with their peers! It's a great way using technology to get talking to future classmates and friends. Welcome to the SMC Family!

Hope your Wednesday is fantastic! 
Enjoy the rest of the week :)

P.S. Shout out to Olivia for reading my blog! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Crazy Days


I could go on and on how about happy I am that I am back at SMC! My room is 90% decorated and 100% unpacked! I was lucky enough to move into a townhouse with my friend Allyson and three other seniors who I am already bonding with! 

I am so in love with this semester even though it's been off to a rough start. 

So I was supposed to be at work at 9 AM...

I set my alarm for 7:30 to be able to shower, get my contract signed and over to Financial Aid before my shift.

I woke up at 9:10. 

Made it to work by 9:30 and by gosh was there a line out the door. We updated the printing system over the break, therefore every student that wants to print from a computer must re-add the new system. 

Stayed an extra 1/2 hour to make up for my tardiness, and went to go shower and eat. Alas, I chose to make food instead of shower. I didn't have enough time between to prepare for class. 

Made it to McCarthy for Moliere to Modern Drama with Peter. I cannot express how excited I was to just see people! My friend Anthony saved me a seat and I can already tell this will be one of my favorite classes
           - We read aloud some Elizabethan pickup lines and insults as well as learned how to dance an Elizabethan dance. HOORAY!

Got out early enough to walk to Dunkin Donuts with Alex and Sarah before our History class and even got to pop some popcorn for our movie!
          - Yep. Our first class was a documentary on the West Memphis 3. The subject matter was a bit disturbing but viewing the journey of three men in the court system through a historical setting has opened up my mind to numerous possibilities. I'll write more on this later. 

Got home in time to shower, make dinner, and unwind from the day. 

I woke up with enough time to make breakfast and run some errands before meeting with Peter to discuss stage management things. 
           - Went to get $$$, pick up my LEAP Team Application, and put money on my Knightcard. 
                    Funny story about that. I entered the office, put my stuff on the counter and asked if anything had changed for depositing money on the card. The girl behind the counter said it was normal and I told her I had been in England for the semester and half of the things I don't even recognize anymore. It was then that she saw my Cath Kidston wallet and exclaimed that she had just been to Europe and got her coffee mug that she bought from the Cath Kidston in London. I instantly went into OH MY GOD DIDN'T YOU LOVE ENGLAND mode and got so flustered by it all. In the end I awkwardly thought that she went to shake my hand (which she wasn't), so I hovered my hand (so she shook it), therefore not making it awkward for anyone. 

Talked with Peter - got some ground work for this week set up for auditions, etc. Made me feel good about starting this endeavor!

Hung out in the lib for 30+ mins before class started and filled out my LEAP Application (almost done!)

Went to Stagecrafts class with John - my inner artist is enamored with the idea of design in theatre. I can't wait to see what's in store!

After that, I went to my Deviant Women class where we talked about the Civil War raid on St. Albans (go figure) and watched The Crucible to introduce our first encounter with Deviant Women. 
           - I didn't realize how angry this movie made me. Multiple times I could not fathom the logic of the court, much less that of the common people. It makes me glad that I was not born during this time because I wouldn't be able to handle all the ill logic of the period. 

Stopped by Jake's townhouse for a nap...woke up realizing four hours later I was behind in work and starving. 

Luckily my awesome roommates had leftover pizza which was quick and easy. 

Attempted to do some work but realizing that reading before bed just sets me up to fail. So instead I'll be working on that in the morning. 

So that's the basic run down of my first few days. Wednesday will be a doozy...just look forward to a rant about that later!

Sending some SMC love to wherever you are, 
Katelyn :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Memorable Moments of 2012

Now that it's 2013, it's the time for New Year's resolutions and time to reflect upon the past year. With social media nowadays, its easy to just scroll through and remember what happened when. When I saw this by Carrie in Admissions, it got me thinking about memories I made in 2012. So, here it is: My "Memorable Moments of 2012" (in no particular order)

1. Getting accepted into Advanced Studies in England!
- side bar: a lot of these will be directly related to England considering I spent most of my year preparing for it and being there. 

2. Getting the Theatre Royal internship! 
- This was my first step into the professional theatre world and my what an adventure that was!

3. Being accepted as a official Saint Michael's Blogger for 2012-2013! 

4. Seeing my brother graduate high school! (and the SMC Class of 2012! That means you KK)

5. LEAPLOVE! You are not a gnome!

6. Working at the Helpdesk over the summer yet again...

7. Meeting Charlie McDonnell, Michael Aranda, Gethin Anthony...ALL THE BRITISH MEN!

8. Prior Park <3

9. Having my mom and friends come visit me in England - Going to Ireland and seeing the Burren and Cliffs of Moher

10. Concerts of Mayday Parade and Imagine Dragons. Phenomenal!

11. Andrew Butterworth. Done.

12. Reuniting with my family and Jake - Being back with the people I love was definitely so rewarding. 

I look forward to many more memories in 2013!
Sending all my love,