Thursday, June 21, 2012

20 Years

Well, today is my birthday. And what am I doing on my birthday? Working haha! But that's okay. I came into work this morning to a Mocha Iced Coffee on my desk courtesy of my boss. They ran out of Caramel (go figure). How does one do that? Any who, the slew of birthday greetings has started - in person on my way to work, texts, tweets, and Facebook posts. Secretly, I love all of them! It's weird being 20. I feel that birthdays are just passage of time, not really a day where you're supposed to feel older immediately. It kinda stinks turning 20 when all of your friends around you are 21 or older. But that won't stop me from having fun on my birthday! 

Things I'll be doing today:
1. Working (woohoo $$$)
2. Doing homework (bleh)
3. Working out with Sami - yay fitness!
4. Going to American Flatbread with Jake! It'll be my first time eating there so I can't wait!
5. Possibly going to Ri Ra's to meet up with KK and some of her friends.
6. Organizing my room. It's pretty dirty. Such is the life of a working college student.

While all that doesn't sound abnormal to a regular day, I can't wait to do what I want to do. Doing all of the 'work' stuff will make my free time so much better! 

And now, for some memories that make my 20 years so memorable:
1. 2nd birthday: Sticking my toes into my Cookie Monster cake. Little did I know it would foreshadow my nickname with one of my best friends KK (Elmo).
2. 7th birthday: Bringing in goodie bags on the last day of class because my birthday is during the summer. Yep, the curse of a summer birthday meant everyone brings in goodies at the same time. 
3. 10th birthday: Running into my Kindergarten Running into my Kindergarten teacher and telling her that I had turned the big 1-0 aka double digits. She could not believe it! I wonder what she'd think now...
4. 12th birthday: On a road trip to Disney World, I celebrated my birthday in Florida at the Wronski Wresort! Had an AWESOME time complete with lei's, limbo, swimming, and general birthday festivities. "You put the lime in the coconut..."
5. 17th birthday: Went to Olive Garden with the girls after seeing a movie with Danielle, Kim, Heather, Brittany, Liz, Brianna - so excited about my Black Tie Mousse Cake!
6. 19th birthday: Going to get seafood by the beach with Brianna, Jenna, and Brittany! That lobster roll was so good I want one now!
7. 20th birthday: Finally got my third ear piercing on my right side! My mom has the same style and I've been wanting to do it for some time so yesterday, on the eve of my birthday, I just did it. I love it so much! I was in desperate need of a change and I'm so stoked! It wasn't much fun trying to sleep on it though...

I shall keep you posted on my adventures and I hope you have a wonderful day! 
Enjoy your summer, I know I am!
Katelyn :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hey y'all! I haven't forgotten about ya! 
Posting's been on the backburner as summer is starting to get into full gear! Be on the lookout for:
 - A video post about my room
 - A summer activity update
 - Some summer books/movies I've enjoyed
 - And any summer adventures that come my way!

I got a formspring question the other day which was fantastic! I LOVE QUESTIONS! So look at the dooblydoo on the side there and send me some! 

I hope your week is spectactular!
Sending well-wishes your way, 
Katelyn :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Formspring Question!

Hi Katelyn! I really like your blog! I'm hoping to be a theater/ English major and I was just wondering, since I've read in your blog you're a double major, is is tough for you to manage a social life with academics? Thanks a bunch!

Sorry for the late response! I've been away from my computer for a vacation! I'm so glad you read my blog. Congrats on choosing a major (especially theatre!). It's definitely easier in the long run knowing what you want to major in.

With the 4/4, SMC makes it easier to double major. For me, a few classes have 'double-dipped', which means fulfilling a major requirement as well as a Liberal Studies requirement. I always am on the look out for those so I can utilize a schedule that works for my four years here. I recommend looking for an Intro to Acting class or Life in the Theatre for your fall semester - and at least one will go as your Fine Arts LSC.

As for balancing a social life with academics, it's all about the semester schedule you create. For instance, I took 4 theatre classes last semester and while it wasn't as demanding as a physics major perhaps, but it was demanding in other ways that I didn't expect. You have to find the balance of getting your work done. Usually classes are every other day, allowing you time for homework and hanging out with friends. My friends and I sometimes combine the two with a study date with Durick! I usually try to do all my homework in the afternoon so that way I can relax with my friends at the night.

I realize I kinda got a little winded there but I hope this answers your question! You can also e-mail at if you have any other questions. Feel free to ask me anything!