Thursday, March 29, 2012

About Me!

So I realized that I never actually did an "About Me" blog post! I'm currently going through Saint Michael's Blogger Tryouts. Through the prodding of my friends who are SMC bloggers Alex and Kayley, I decided to go through with it. And here I am! Check out their and other SMC blogs here

If you don't already know, I'm Katelyn and I am a sophomore here at Saint Mike's. Saint Mike's was the first stop on my college road trip and I fell in love! Going on that trip made me realize how crazy and hectic the life of a college student could be and I'm glad to say I've taken advantage of that. 

I am a Theatre/History double major with a double minor in Classical Civilizations and Medieval Studies - check out this blog post on how I got to this conclusion!

Saint Mike's makes it really easy to become involved. My current activities include:  
  • Drama Club
  • VITA Connections Leader (Campus Ministry)
  • Zumba class run by my friend Brittany on Thursdays
  • Founders' Society
  • Knitting Club (when I can go)
  • Information Technology Helpdesk Lead Technician
  • LEAP Team - a retreat Saint Mike's holds twice a year

As you can tell, I have a lot of interests. Saint Mike's and the surrounding community is the best fit for all of them! 

Keep following for more info about life at Saint Mike's and the hustle and bustle of living near Burlington! 
Sending all my love, 
Katelyn :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Not Obsessed, I Just Really Really Like It...

My name is Katelyn and I am addicted to Tangled. 

What? What's that? You don't know what Tangled is? 


Tangled is Disney's most recent animated feature, and its 50th. How cool? 
It's the story of Rapunzel from the Brothers Grimm with the Disney spin on things. It's FANTASTIC and if you haven't seen it, I recommend it!

 Here is a picture of the chameleon Pascal -
 My mom sent me him in a surprise package! 
My mom also sent me a second pair of Tangled 
sheets to make curtains for my room! 
Linked HERE is a picture of the first set.
My friend KK and I stumbled across this Tangled pillow in Wal-Mart during one of our excursions. Needless to say at our second trip to Wal-Mart, KK picked it up for me and surprised me with it in her car when we went out the next day! 

So don't be surprised to find out that this is considerably my favorite movie of all time. Over the summer I watched it at least once a week and thought I had scratched it because it stopped working's fixed now! Because I watched it all the time, I now can recite the movie as it's happening. #champstatus 

Anywho, it's really a feel good movie much like any Disney movie, and in stressful times, i.e. the week before Spring Break, it's a good chance to take a break and get tangled up in the wonderfully awesome story. 

HA - you see what I did there? I'M SO PUNNY! 

Regardless of bad puns, I hope you have a wonderful day! Get out, enjoy the sunshine if you're in the VT area, and welcome in spring! 
Katelyn :)