Friday, January 6, 2012

2012: New Year, New Experiences

Finally we're counting down to the last week of vacation! While being able to relax for a month is enjoyable, I'm itching to get back to school, unpack my room, see my friends, and start new classes! This past week I enjoyed spending time in the middle of nowhere visiting my boyfriend in Northwestern Massachusetts. I did not bring my computer nor did I have signal (thanks T-Mobile haha). It was a refreshing unplugging from the world for a little bit. I got to meet the family and hang out with his adorable poodle Archie whom became my snuggle buddy. He's just so fluffy I WANNA DIE! (yes Despicable Me reference.)

One of the adventures we went on was exploring Mass MoCA. I had never been so we took an afternoon to check out the exhibits. I really liked Memery: Imitation, Memory, and Internet Culture - basically it incorporated much of the things we see on the internet, pointing out connections between things you may not even realize. For instance, much of the animation used for Disney's The Jungle Book was reused for their productions of Winnie the Pooh. I sat in amazement watching the identical scenes next to each other.

My other favorite was Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective. This is located in one of the permanent galleries and is MASSIVE. Three floors of his early, middle, and late
productions. A combination of 65 artists and art students reduplicated his works down to a T. It fascinated me. Below is a picture of the process in which the wall drawings were created. LeWitt gave explicit directions for all of his works so that they could be reduplicated. Some of these are now my background because there's just something about their magnitude and how they possess both simplistic and complex qualities. This exhibit runs through 2033 so you should definitely make the trip!
I am now in the process of applying for study abroad for fall semester! It's exciting and nervewracking. Luckily I've got the sweet tunage to calm me: Of Monsters and Men. I recommend checking out their album My Head is an Animal, their song Little Talks is one of my faves. Anywho, the program I'm applying to is Advanced Studies in England located in Bath. I'm going to take a few courses as well as hopefully get an internship! Fingers crossed.

2012 looks to be a year filled with new experiences and new adventures just waiting to start. Hope you make the best of your time doing the things that make you happy!
Sending all my love,
Katelyn :)