Monday, November 28, 2011

On the Anniversary of your 21st

I know this is a tad bit late, but hey - better late than never eh? One of the many philosophies I employ.

Here are 22 reasons why we're friends:
  1. We share the same name.
  2. We're basically the same person.
  3. Cookie Monster and Elmo
  4. Holding up the Helpdesk
  5. Volleyball
  6. Our addiction to TV shows...
  8. One word: uniforms.
  9. Our mind-reading abilities.
  10. The endless hours we spend together.
  11. The fact that we were able to live together for the summer and not want to kill each other...
  12. Getting dressed up all fancy like.
  14. Your random facts.
  15. How we influence each others' eating habits.
  16. Scoping out the freshmen. (FRESHMEN, FRESHMEAT)
  17. Shawty.
  18. Coordinating clothes...
  19. Shopping. Candles especially.
  20. Adorable animals like this one, your favorite.
  21. Nerds.
  22. And last but not least, SEXY-60-AND-SINGLE!

Love you so much KK :) Cheers to making your 22nd year the best yet!