Friday, September 23, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

This quote as truly exemplified my last few weeks of summer. Things are starting to change again and although change is good, it's sometimes hard to accept those changes. I'm being optimistic that people change for the good: they grow, mature, etc. We all have our faults whether or not we like to own up to them and we need to realize that we are only human. Making mistakes is part of our make-up.

I am going to try my best at making these realizations on my own this year - sophomore year is already in the swing of things...almost a month in!
CRAZY! I know that this year will be a lot of fun and I'm ready for a drama-free time. Being able to reconnect with all my old friends is what I've been waiting for since May! Sometimes I really dislike how people live in different states - it makes me realize how lucky I am when all my high school friends are home! It just makes all of our times together that much more special. I even got to connect with one of my best friends from home this week - gotta thank the wonders of technology: YAY SKYPE! Love you Maura!

Coming up this weekend is
Saint Michael's
Multicultural Alumni & Friends Weekend where previous classes and friends will be swarming campus and reuniting once more on the beautiful campus. For me my parents will be visiting YAY! Although it's only been a month, I am so excited to see them! I do miss my brother and the dogs but October break will be here soon enough. So much has been going on that it will be good to catch up with my parents and spend some quality time with them.

Here are some things you should look out for this weekend:
  1. Get a hotel WAAAAAAAAY in advance. Saint Mike's alum LOVE SMC as much as current students do and they pack the hotels both near and far!
  2. Be prepared for more traffic in and around Burlington - adjust for time whenever you head into the city, down to the waterfront, or even just a Walmart run.
  3. SMCers: so much is going on this weekend! A plethora of events for students and alumnae alike. Check out the full schedule here!
  4. Support our teams! There are many athletic events both days including: Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball and Tennis. Go Knights!
  5. Most of all, enjoy the weekend! It might just seem like a regular weekend at SMC, but get out and do something! It looks like it will be a wonderful weekend so get out in the nice weather before the snow starts falling. YAY SUN!
I hope you have enjoyed your week and don't forget, IT'S THE WEEKEND! On that note, enjoy a song that has been cycling through my head this entire week: Especially for Glee and Fresh Prince of Belair lovers!

Sending good vibes and happy thoughts your way!
Love, Katelyn :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

So if you couldn't tell, I've been quite busy since my last post, all the way back in July...YIKES. At some point there will be an update I promise, but here's a little idea of how my Mondays back at Saint Michael's are going:


9:50 AM Intermediate Greek with Mrs. Prof. Begley
- My second semester of Greek and while Greek and I have a love/hate relationship sometimes, the linguist nerd in me is happy.

11:00 AM Medieval Europe with Prof. Dameron
- After taking the First Year Sem. Joan of Arc last semester, part of me just couldn't stay away! I love the way Prof. Dameron teaches, partially what influenced me to take this course as well as become a History major!

12:00 PM Lunch with the lovely ladies of Pontigny 226
- The same table in the back since last year...God forbid if someone sits there HAHA!

1:00 PM Head back to my dorm room for any of the following:
- Monday Movie/Naptime: This week's featured DreamWorks "The Road to El Dorado"
Fun Fact: Kenneth Branagh, whom is most famous to me from his version of "Hamlet" (which he both directed and starred in) - shout out to ML! - voices Miguel.
- Start homework for the week.
- Cleaning which consists of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, all that fun stuff.

5:00 PM Dinner time!
- Or on days like today, go to rehearsal for the fall SMC Production: "Crimes of the Heart"
I'm assistant stage managing and getting class credit for it - a win/win!

8:00 PM Celtic Knights
- The Irish-step dance club on campus
- Here's a little plug from us from CK:
The Celtic Knights is open to everyone with the desire to learn Irish Step Dancing. No previous experience is required. The group is run by students who not only teach traditional steps but also create new choreography for shows and concerts throughout the year. The Celtic Knights perform in three or four shows/concerts every year.
We have lots of fun getting to know the choreography as well as getting to know each other!

9:30 PM Head back to my dorm for more homework And I'd like to say that I get to bed by 11 PM every night...but realistically I head to bed around 1 AM.
Since switching to the 4/4 course curriculum, we students are usually in a classroom per class for 3 hours a week. It's up to us to spend about 7 hours outside of class learning on our own. In theory I agree with, but executing it is a whole another level.

I'm gonna get back to rehearsal now, but I'll leave you with a few things I'm grateful for:
  1. Nights with the 226 ladies: Check out Alex's and Kayley's blogs!
  2. Shopping and weekends with KK <3
  3. Getting mail! - JENNA: watch your mail soon!
  4. Disney movies. And just in case you weren't aware, THE LION KING IS BEING RELEASED IN 3D ON FRIDAY! Although I don't appreciate 3D - you can almost be certain I will be going to see it...
Have a wonderful week all!